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The desire to be loved is natural however, self love is essential to having a healthy and intimate relationship with others

Online Coaching Services and Group Workshops

man and woman on a couch looking at a computer receiving online couples coaching

Married Couples and Partners Coaching

Having an intimacy coach can be very valuable to your relationship. Shawna K speaks to married couples and partners about sex, love and commitment, challenging every client to make their relationship a priority.  

Here are some of the benefits of Couples Coaching...

  • Foster togetherness
  • Rekindle intimacy
  • Learn how to forgive
  • Open-honest communication
  • Explore emotions
  • Establish Priorities and set Goals
  • Set boundaries
  • How to re-establish trust
  • How to overcome sexual challenges
  • The art of resolving conflict
  • How to initiate sex
  • Exploration of various sexual and non sexual techniques

African American woman sitting on a couch looking at her laptop receiving individual coaching online

Individual Coaching

In many circumstances just speaking to Shawna K can be a big relief to discuss your issues with an experience, sympathetic and nonjudgmental person, who will support you in your self-discovery.  Shawna K can help you get unstuck by putting together a strategy plan to become your accountability partner.  She can guide you through a successful recovery plan from sexual addition, sexual trauma and divorce recovery so you can achieve wellness to live a more satisfied and fulfilled life.

Individual Coaching can also assist with these common concerns..

  • Postpartum depression
  • Assist Parents in having the sex talk with their teen
  • Emotional dependency issues
  • Relationship and trust issues
  • Pre-martial Coaching
  • Dating challenges
  • Low sexual desire
  • Low self-esteem
  • Sexual trauma Recovery
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Sexual addition Recovery    



 In Response to Covid-19 all Workshops are temporarily cancelled. Our focus is on the safety of our clients and community. We will continue to monitor the situation. In the meantime, we ask that our clients continue to follow the COVID-19 guidelines as shared by the Center for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) or visit their web site at 

  • The Group Workshops are designed for all married couples and partners in a committed relationship. This workshop will provide you with relationship advice, knowledge and tools you need to foster intimacy and trust. All attendees will receive a thank you gift bag

  • The Private Party Workshop are designed for anyone looking to book a private couples party or for any special occasion.  You and your friends will experience a private showing and demonstration of all the latest adult toy products and you will learn secrets and sexual tips on how to please your lover. There will also  be a private  Q&A session to ask the coach any questions privately. Products will also be hand to purchase and the party host will receive a free hostess gift


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